Ice Dams Building Up

Snow Loads and Ice Dams

Snow and ice will take its toll on just about any roofing system over time.

While other roofing systems hold moisture and deteriorate over time, metal roofing maintains its strength and durability keeping your home safe and dry for decades to come. Snow will slide off quickly and metal does not hold moisture or ice.

The sun's radiant heat will pass thru snow and warm the surface of your roof. With metal roofing systems this allows the snow to loosen and slide off of the roof. With other roofing materials the snow stays in place while shingles hold the moisture turning into ice as the temperature drop. This causes expansion, and contraction, little cracks turn into bigger cracks as the deterioration process continues, eventually leading to leaking into your home.

A metal roofing system is installed with breaks (sometimes referred to as ice cutters) to control the snow loads and prevent ice damming. At Billings Metal Roofing there are custom products and accessories available to keep your metal roofing as beautiful, as it is durable for decades to come.

At Billings Metal Roofing our focus is on the benefits of metal roofing, we offer comparative analysis of other available roofing options, and solutions to getting the job done right.

We can help you decide if metal is best for you and your home or business.

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Tested against the Best that Mother Nature has to Offer.

We are known for our extreme weather events. We have seen tornadoes, wind gusts over 100 miles per hour, and sustained winds in the 80 mph range. We've seen lightning storms and wild fires, we have seen hail stones the size of grapefruit, heavy snow piling up faster than we can clear it, ice build ups from temperatures in the 50's during the day and below freezing at night. The summer months can be brutally hot, while the winter months are frigid cold. This weather is the cause of roofing materials deteriorating long before their warranties expire, and may be the primary reason that you are considering metal roofing.