Destructive Hail

Tested against the Best that Mother Nature has to Offer.

Destructive Hail and Metal Roofs

Watch as they intercept an absolute BEAST of a storm with gorilla hail near Miles City, Montana. This supercell was completely isolated and resembled a nuclear bomb as towering cumulonimbus clouds climbed to the highest limits of the atmosphere. They were in complete amazement as they got closer and closer.

Eventually they caught up to this MONSTER on interstate 94 where they gambled and tried to race east to get ahead of it, however sometimes the gamble doesn't pay off and you are faced with reality.... and that reality was 3+ inch gorilla hail that obliterated their windshield and left our Jeep looking like a golf ball. Enjoy.

Another reason for metal roofing's increasing popularity is its resistance to hail. Hail can be damaging to any roof system and we have seen storms here in Montana and Wyoming that take their toll on everything in their path, and no roofing material is immune.

Metal roofing offers the best protection from leaks caused by punctures in the roofing material. While it may dent from the force of the hail, typically there is no immediate concern due to an exposed roof deck. Metal roofing systems will withstand large steel balls dropped from 50-70 feet above, and even ice shot from air cannons.

Metal roofing carries the best UL 2218 rating of class IV, and as a result homeowners may receive special discounts along with lowered insurance premiums.

At Billings Metal Roofing our focus is on the benefits of metal roofing, we offer comparative analysis of other available roofing options, and solutions to getting the job done right.

We can help you decide if metal is best for you and your home or business.

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We are known for our extreme weather events. We have seen tornadoes, wind gusts over 100 miles per hour, and sustained winds in the 80 mph range. We've seen lightning storms and wild fires, we have seen hail stones the size of grapefruit, heavy snow piling up faster than we can clear it, ice build ups from temperatures in the 50’s during the day and below freezing at night. The summer months can be brutally hot, while the winter months are frigid cold. This weather is the cause of roofing materials deteriorating long before their warranties expire, and may be the primary reason that you are considering metal roofing.